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  • I’m not a good writer, but I’ll try my best to keep hypocrisy to a minimum and my posts as straightforward as possible. When I falter, feel free to call me out for it so I can improve!
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  • My opinions are formed not only from studies and verifiable facts, but also personal observations, assumptions, hearsay, and anecdotes so I highly encourage you to take everything I say with a grain of salt. I’d really enjoy hearing your opinion from your own research and point of view, so please share them with me if you can! New and contradicting information is very welcome. You can email me at honestandlocal@gmail.com if you’d prefer not to comment publicly.
  • I may use certain companies, products, or snippets of articles, conversations, and posts from different websites, blogs, and forums on my posts, but as mentioned above, they are not meant to call out any person/people or any company but to bring light and concretize an issue I am trying to start a healthy discussion on.
  • I started this blog in the hopes that I’ll be able to bring light to certain issues well enough that honest production, marketing, and advertising, as well as well-informed, multi-faceted, and responsible consumerism, become the norm. Should you have any suggestions or constructive criticism for me in attaining this goal, I’d very much appreciate it. You may contact me at honestandlocal@gmail.com or comment below the related post.
  • Because I’ll be using snippets of articles, conversations, and posts on different websites, blogs, and forums, I’m still quite iffy about whether to always cite the source could it possibly illicit negativity towards the person who posted it, wrote it, or the post itself. I’d like your opinions on this! I don’t want to plagiarize, but I’d also like to keep the original author anonymous should I disagree with his/her opinion.