June Beauty Round-Up: This Month’s Favorites


1. Rraw Tea Butter | Full Review

Plumps up fine lines within just a few hours! It’s a very heavy butter because of the shea butter and coconut oil but if you feel like that’s something you need, this product does a great job. I saw a noticeable improvement in fine lines by the end of the day when applied it in the morning. You also only need the tiniest amount for both your eyes. It’s a great all around butter which you can use for really dry areas, including your lips or dry patches! The heaviness might be too much though for some so if you plan on using it on other parts of your face, make sure to patch test first!


2. In Her Element Oil Cleanser | Full Review

This product’s great for such a short list of ingredients. The waxy feel and scent comes from the grapeseed oil, which can be a turnoff if you’re not used to it. Stick with the product though and you’ll find that it does its job well. My initial apprehension with the waxiness faded quickly and it’s actually something I now really like about the product. It’s become a staple in my routine and one of the few oil cleansers you’ll find locally with a great formulation and a good amount of product.


3. Kala Milk Soap

Unorthodox sources of milk have become more common in cosmetics recently. Leivy from Malaysia is a good example, using goat’s milk in its bath and body product line. Kala Milk has a great advocacy supporting local farmers by using carabao’s milk, but to be honest, I fell in love with the product more for its efficacy rather than the advocacy. After a couple weeks of use (and initial disappointment), I saw my skin become noticeably brighter, smoother, and softer. Coupled with exfoliation maybe once every two weeks, this product really shines. The soap keeps its shape surprisingly well. Whereas most products from small soap brands melt easily, this one lasts quite long. After the initial two-week readjustment period, my skin feels consistently soft and smooth with each use. I feel in love with it so much I bought their last two limited edition variants on a whim!


4. VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 | Full Review

My tiring daily routine usually that leaves me sweaty, sometimes sunburnt, and unable to reapply sunscreen as often as I should which made VMV’s sport sunscreen my everyday staple. It’s definitely on the heavier side compared to non-sport sunscreens but it’s worth it in my case. My old tan faded significantly while using this product and now that I’m out in the pool around noon everyday, it’s given me a nice, even, brown tan.


There are actually a LOT more products that was meant to go on this list, but since I haven’t fully reviewed them yet, I’ll give it another month! I do, however, already have a mental list of them which I expect to see in next month’s round-up! <3

Please let me know what you think! Whether about the products mentioned above or any other products you like (local or not). I’m always on the look out for more and would love to hear reviews from another perspective.


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