Review: Pili Beauty Bug Me Not Balm

+ effective for everyday use
+ easy to apply
+ light scent
+ generous amount of product
+ lightweight and compact
–  not enough protection outside of everyday use

Ingredients: coconut oil, pili oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, citronella oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, neem oil, lemongrass oil, elemi essential oil

Full review

Got to test this product out properly just in time for rainy season! Basically, you should totally get this product. As a Filipino, this balm is a must.

I’m the kind of person that mosquitoes love. Like when I’m there, you’re not going to get bit because they think I’m sweeter 😙  they’ll all be busy biting me. Tubes and spray repellents are a pain to apply and bring around, while this balm fits perfectly in the ballpen compartment of my schoolbag and takes two seconds to apply. No citronella-stained shirts, half-melted print from DEET, or sticky hands from application.

It’s definitely effective enough for everyday use. It doesn’t fade too quickly unless you sweat a lot. A quick line down my arms and legs provide enough protection all-around. However, if you live or work somewhere that’s really infested with mosquitoes or plan on using this in, say, a mountain with mosquitoes on steroids (looking at you, Buntot Palos), it won’t be sufficient. While you don’t have to apply on every inch of exposed skin, you do have to apply it in areas where the scent can’t reach. So, for example, since my legs are thicker than my arms, I have to apply a line of product on the inner thigh and outer thigh whereas with my arms, one line down the length of it is enough.

It’s bigger than your usual balm (about glue stick sized) and it comes with a surprising amount of product. I use this almost everyday and think with each twist of the tube that I’ve gotten to the end of the stick, but there’s always more product as if it really runs down from the top to the bottom of the tube. It’s got a less overwhelming scent compared to other insect repellents. Not as strong as your typical citronella oil and not as artificial as commercial DEET-based repellents.

Effects can last anywhere from two hours to half the day for everyday use. It really depends how much you apply, how hardcore and big the population of mosquitoes are in the area you’re in, and how quickly you sweat it off. It’s not absolutely fool-proof. If I’m not careful or don’t apply enough product, I still get a bite or two, but definitely significantly less than before. For a tropical country with not enough air-conditioned areas, this balm is a must. I always regret forgetting to bring it with me and always have it within arm’s reach when I’m chilling outdoors.


Where to buy:
Philippine residents – website, BeautyMNL
Non-Philippine residents – email for orders and shipping process


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